The Parcel Related

1. Will the weight be provided after the package is stored?

When the package is signed in, the system will display the weight and storage time of the package. Users will receive email notifications, APP notifications and face book notifications.

2. Where to view photos of the package photo service?

After submitting the package photo service, the staff will complete the photo taking on the same day or the next working day. Users simply click on the package, and additional information about the package, including a picture, is displayed.

3. What should we do if the parcel needs to be picked up by the logistics provider in China?

Generally, the parcels will be sent to our warehouse in China, because the merchants will use logistics to deliver the oversized goods, and only a small part of the logistics need to pick up the goods. Users are advised to ask the seller whether they can ask the logistics provider to deliver goods to their door. If the parcel needs self-pickup service, please contact customer service, customer service will help the user to deal with it.

4. How to distinguish general goods from sensitive goods?

Package air cargo is (clothing, shoes, furniture, maternal and child supplies, sporting goods, no class electric cell, no magnet products, books) commodity, sensitive cargo is (imitation brand/genuine goods, authentic dolls, high value goods, jewelry, liquid, powder, medicine, CDS, video, genuine goods, electromagnetic, electric) goods.

5. Can I check the information of China express in the package list?

Users only need to add the correct package express number to query all the express information in China. Users do not need to use the Taobao APP or other web sites to view it.

6. How to fill in the price and quantity declaration when adding parcels?

We suggest that users truthfully declare the price of goods without worrying about customs clearance problems caused by excessive declaration. If the parcel is lost or damaged, compensation will be made according to the declared price.

Users are also advised to fill in the declaration quantity truthfully, without worrying about customs clearance problems caused by excessive declaration. In this way, the customs can avoid the delay of customs clearance and other problems when the quantity is not found by spot check.

7. What should I do if I cannot find the corresponding product type when adding the package?

If you encounter this kind of situation, please contact customer service, customer service will suggest the appropriate corresponding product type for you.

8. What if the parcel has been signed for but not put in storage?

All signed packages will be updated and put into storage within 24 hours, but the package has not been put into storage, please contact the customer service to investigate. The investigation will take 5 working days, we will contact the express, check the monitoring and so on. Once it is confirmed that the warehouse has signed for the package, but the package is lost, TIANyun will compensate up to RMB 200 or 80% of the declared price, based on the minimum compensation amount.

9. The parcel has been put in storage, but what if it is lost?

All the stored parcels are missing. It will take 5 days from the date of notification to investigate. After investigation, if it is confirmed that it is lost, we will pay the minimum compensation at a maximum of RMB 400 or 80% of the declared price. If it is not lost, it will be reissued free of charge after 40 working days.

Related Payment

1. How long does it take to verify the remittance using bank transfer?

Generally, the remittance will be audited every half an hour on working days, and not periodically during non-working hours. After the review, users will receive email notifications, APP notifications and book notifications.

2. Is receipt or bill provided after waybill payment?

After the waybill payment, we provide a detailed invoice receipt for the user to print. The invoice will show the shipping address, package weight and volume, and charges.

Transport Related

1. How long will you receive the parcel after you pay the freight?

Air shipment generally takes 3-7 working days (West Malaysia), 5-9 working days (East Malaysia) and 3-5 working days (Singapore) after shipment.

Sea freight generally takes 14-18 working days (West) and 25-30 working days (East) after shipment.

If there are weather problems, flight delays, or third party factors such as customs scrutiny, the delivery date may be delayed.

2. The freight will be paid on the same day. When will the goods be delivered?

Air freight every evening around 6:00 (18:00) delivery, users are advised to submit the waybill before 3:00 (15:00), 5:00 (17:00) payment. If the payment is made after 5:00 (17:00), there may be less chance to wait until tomorrow's delivery. If the goods are in urgent need, please contact customer service, customer service will try to arrange pre-shipment for you.

3. Do we have to pay tax for air freight?

Generally, parcel tax is not required for air freight. Only when the parcel exceeds 10KG, we will suggest parcel tax to the user. But if packages can be packed in batches, you can avoid using the parcel tax channel. The package tax channel needs more than 10KG to be used, and the user will recommend using the package only after confirming that the package cannot be packed separately.

4. What should I do if the package contains sensitive goods but is delivered through general channels?

If sensitive goods are found to be shipped through common channels during customs clearance, it may lead to delays, spot checks, confiscation and other problems. If the parcel is returned and the user has to pay the freight for the second shipment and then transfer it to a sensitive channel, the freight for the first shipment will be deemed to be confiscated.

5. What is the difference between a small parcel and a large parcel by sea?

The shipping small bag is mainly suitable for 0.3 cubic or 30KG of goods below, the shipping large bag is suitable for large goods and the price is more favorable. Small shipping packages will be delivered by local express and large shipping packages will be delivered by local logistics companies.

6. Where can I track my waybill logistics information?

The user simply clicks on the waybill list.
Can query waybill logistics information. Tianyun platform provides one-stop query function, from warehouse shipments to flight information, from customs clearance status to express delivery and other information will be displayed.

7. Why is shipping first and payment later?

In order to ensure the timeliness of shipping, private shipping is delivered on the same day or the next day after the packaging is completed. When the loading is completed, we will charge the freight to the user. Payment must be made as soon as possible to avoid the goods being unable to be delivered upon arrival in Malaysia.

8. Is shipping duty inclusive?

Shipping charges are already included in customs clearance, but users recommend using the correct general cargo and sensitive channels to avoid customs clearance problems. Especially a large number of (ceramic, toilet, marble, pesticide, food, drink, wine) must use sensitive channels and contact customer service.

9. What is heavy toss, free toss and half toss?

If the volume weight of the package (length [cm]X width [cm]X height [cm]/6000 = X kg) exceeds the actual weight, the freight will be charged based on the volume weight.
When the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, the freight will be charged according to the volume weight plus the actual weight divided by 2.
No matter whether the volume weight of the parcel is greater than the actual weight, the freight will only be charged according to the actual weight.

10. What is volume weight and actual weight?

The actual weight is the actual weight of the goods measured by the electronic scale, while the volume weight is the volume weight of the goods packed (l [cm]X W [cm]X H /6000[cm]).

After Sales Related

1. What if the parcel is damaged when you sign for it?

If the package is found damaged when you sign for it, please refuse to sign for it, take photos of the products and weigh the products, and contact customer service so that we can carry out the investigation. For details, please check here.

2. What if the parcel is missing after being signed for?

If you find the goods missing after receiving the package, please contact customer service, take photos of the goods and weigh the goods, customer service will investigate for the user, please refer to here for details.

Taobao Related

1. Do you provide buy on behalf service?

We will teach users how to search, add to shopping cart and pay. When making payment, we will provide payment service for users to complete payment easily.

2. What is payment on behalf?

Payment is when someone else pays for the items in your shopping cart. We provide payment service for our members. if you need to pay, please contact our customer service.

3. Can I pay for Taobao in Malaysian ringgit?

Taobao already has a rmBIL payment function, but it only supports bank cards and credit cards. Bank card and credit card payments will be converted to the corresponding RMB payment to the merchant according to the bank's exchange rate. At this point, the exchange rate is very low, and the credit card also takes a 3% service fee.

When a user applies for a refund from a merchant, due to the use of a credit or bank card, the refund will take 15-20 days to process.

Therefore, we will suggest users to use our payment service, we do not charge any service charge, and provide high exchange rate to our users.