We are committed to creating a simple, interesting and trustworthy purchasing and transshipment platform, so that users can purchase Chinese goods in a simple and fast way.

We believe in the equal, open, inclusive and inclusive power of the Internet. Online shopping has no national boundaries, and it will be easier and easier to buy Chinese products.

Our business philosophy

  1. Customer will choose us with the best service and lowest price provided.

  2. Logistics industry should serve individuals, not only enterprises。

  3. If our price is higher than that of the same industry, no matter how good the service is, it is not qualified, not what customers need.

  4. Give full play to the advantage of IT system to save manpower, and constantly refresh the ultra-low service price, so that our competitive advantage to maintain the leading.

  5. Service individual user, difficult to service enterprise user, we focus on individual user, more enterprise customers will naturally choose us.

  6. Human services are a must, and the focus of services is to guide customers to use IT systems.

  7. Do basic services well, reduce customer consultation。

  8. We can not become the best service logistics company, but we can certainly become the most convenient operation, the cheapest logistics company.

Why Choose Us: